SOCIALCARES public Address System has been started since 2014 with view to attain own culture and spiritual management. In this system the whole town is provided the special system of biased audio sound system so that they can listen speeches, lectures, various programs, seminars competitions of renowned scholars of the world
Present era is dominated by immorality, western culture as well as European culture. Anti human acts, selfish deeds, immorality, indignity, bad characters, vulgarity, misbehavior. Such atmosphere has made negative impact in our society. The abilities of kids with whom we can create the famous scientists, scholars, teachers, economists, bureaucrats, diplomats, researches, social reformers are tending towards useless fruitless meaningless output without any superiority. The youth, the main key factors for the progress of any society or nation is affected a lot by these culture s. The serial culture of various social, comedy, tragic, vulgar parts of films have not left nothing to do. They have ruined complete family systems. A little effort has been done to reduce bad effect of other cultures which resulted in public address system. Initially it is started with 15 speakers in neighboring houses with pa amplifiers. Today it has covered almost whole town in around 1200 houses with virtues and guidance and support of The Almighty Allah. We are getting guidance and counseling of reputed scholars and reputed persons in their respective fields I heartily request all well wishers of the society and nation as well as the world. We have made lots of efforts in option of western and European culture negative impact of media, serials, vulgar films which are converting persons into devils. Hence we expect your generous kind support to get maximum positive benefit for society the DAJJALIAT ERA OF THE UNIVERSE in which it is extremely difficult to act in accordance with ideal living system of the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE.

A reform movement is a type of social movement that aims to make gradual change, in certain aspects of society,

         The main focus of SOCIALCARES public Address System can be considered as follows : national integrity, modesty, justice, social harmony, unity , good manner, virtues qualities of human beneficial qualities, honesty, truthfulness, honesty, kindness, good moral values, Time management, discipline and prioritization, health management.

All should live in harmony and without discrimination; ideal situation is when there is equality, freedom and brotherhood among all sections of society.

However, human society all over the world shows that various types of exploitative practices are prevalent there;

Good manners are expressed by us through our behavior and conduct. It is through our words and deeds that we show good manners. Being polite and courteous is good manners. Being rude and arrogant is a sign of having bad manners. A cultured person has good manners. A good mannered person is always appreciated and respected by people. People like to have friendship with those who are good mannered

Good Manners under varying word lengths. on Good Manners according to their particular requirement.

Good manners are expressed through our words and deeds in our everyday life. We should be good mannered at all times in our interaction with our family, friends, teachers, neighbors and others.

Honesty will always stand us in good stead. By being honest we can be confident and walk with our head held high. If we are honest we do not have to fear anything. An honest person speaks only what is the truth and engages only in honest activity at all times. Honesty gives us great moral strength.. But an honest and truthful person does not care for what may happen by staying with the truth. Honesty will succeed ultimately, while dishonesty will soon be discovered

Any act of kindness is appreciated. It need not be a great act; it could even be a small deed. Kindness or being kindly is an attitude. If you are kindly, you will actually feel for the other person with your heart, and respond positively..

You may show your kindness to your family members, friends, neighbors, classmates or anyone who genuinely needs help. When you show kindness you feel a sense of fulfillment in your heart

Moral values are the values and ethics that help us lead a righteous life. Moral values should be inculcated in childhood so that they have a strong foundation, and our life is imbued with the values. Moral values help in molding our lives, and treading on the path of righteousness and virtue. When we live by moral values right from childhood, they become a part of our lives, and help us do the right and save ourselves from wrong. Moral values help us take right decisions in life’s trying situations, and sail through life easily as they give us a sense of direction and purpose.

Moral values are developed by our surrounding , parents and teachers in childhood, and stay with us through life

Time management, discipline and prioritization

Time management and discipline go hand in hand. If there is no discipline we cannot be punctual, and we cannot succeed in completing our tasks well. Time management requires prioritization of our activities, and discipline to follow a practical time table We can prioritize our activities best by setting our goals. Our goals are both in the short term and in the long term. We need to discover the best way in which we can reach these goals through a proper utilization of the resources we have of time and energy. Discipline requires that we do the tasks we need to do and not waste time and energy on useless and wasteful activities. At the same time, we must have sufficient time for sleep and relaxation, and leisure and fun activities.

Our goals determine the path we follow. And to attain our goals we need to use the resources we have optimally. We need to use our physical, mental, intellectual and emotional strength judiciously. Similarly, we must use our time well. If we waste our strength and our time on flippant and wasteful activities we accordingly get lesser of these resources to use on tasks